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Project Portals

Project Portals

SharePoint project portals help you to manage your projects with maximum efficiency and minimal risk.

Get the most out of your employees and assets and run more efficient projects with effective knowledge and resource sharing across your project teams. SharePoint project portals also help you keep on top of compliance requirements by offering granular permissions, enhanced auditing features, and clear reporting dashboards.

Our clients use project portals for:

  • Project management and reporting
  • In depth auditing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project Sites
  • Internal and external collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing

The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity,” Peter Drucker, Management Challenges of the 21st Century

Key Features of an Office 365 Project Portal

Clear Reporting

  • Dashboards
    With clear and dynamic dashboard reporting you can easily keep track of your projects’ RAG statuses, simplifying project management and review
  • Integration with Project Online
    Project Online offers robust tools for scheduling, time and task management, and resource assignments to help you optimize project plans to deliver better results. Built-in reports and BI tools let you visualize data to gain insights across projects, programs, and portfolios, and make more informed decisions.
  • Role based project visibility
    Controlled permissions give project team members access only the information they need, while offering managers a clear overview of all their projects.

In Depth Auditing

  • Granular permissions
    Access to data can be controlled at the site, folder, and file level to ensure the security of your data, and ensure that users can only view/access information they are authorised to access
  • Enhanced audit trails
    Office 365 Project Portals make compliance simple. Granular permissions and click trails let you monitor activity in the portal, clearly showing who did what to which site or file. You can quickly and automatically generate in depth auditing and compliance reports based on user behaviour, using dynamic realtime dashboards and pre-defined reports.
  • Version control
    Enhanced major/minor version control, and detailed version history make document management and compliance reporting simple.
  • Policies and Retention
    Create individual file and retention plans for different documents to maintain compliance and simplify auditing.
  • Approval workflow history
    View and track the status of project workflows for efficient working and compliance monitoring

Document Management

  • Enhanced document search
  • Workflow automation
  • Best practice guidance
  • Recent documents
  • Popular and recommended documents/projects
  • Approved site and document templates
  • Simultaneous collaboration

Our Approach

  1. Discover
    We partner with you to establish your key requirements and understand your business goals to make sure you get the most out of your project portals.
  2. Consult
    We use your requirements to deliver honest advice and develop a project plan. We’ll deliver a solution that will scale with your business, satisfy your requirements, support your goals, and and deliver real, valuable business benefits.
  3. Engage
    We engage with stakeholders across your organisation to gain user buy in and make sure that the business benefits of your project portal will be felt by all its users.
  4. Deliver
    We focus on getting your project portal up and running as soon as possible to start delivering business value fast.
  5. Innovate
    We maintain an ongoing relationship with all our clients to monitor adoption, and identify areas for improvement, development, or training.

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