Working closely with Microsoft is essential when working with the leading edge tools and technologies.  Business Cloud Integration has established ourselves as Microsoft Flow Partners by having validated live Flow processes in place for our clients as well as qualified PowerApps and Flow teams. See our profile featured on the Microsoft Flow Partners page.

We use PowerApps and Flow to benefit our clients everyday.

Microsoft Flow

As a powerful replacement to traditional SharePoint Workflow tooling Flow is proving even more powerful. With the correct governance and policy in place Flow provides a level of end user control never-before surfaced and we are helping our clients turn that into a reality.

Flow has an unparalleled set of connectors that are constantly growing making “Business Cloud Integration” achievable with most of the popular cloud SaaS apps.

Integration and management of data within SharePoint needs design, we work with our clients to ensure that the Information Architecture and tooling supports their needs now and in the future.