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Engaging SharePoint Intranets

For 10 years we’ve been helping organisations to increase user adoption, collaborate more intelligently, and capitalise on their existing assets by creating engaging and useful SharePoint intranets.

An effective intranet is key for establishing clear internal communication across your business, and providing a single, go to location for accessing important, up to date information. An Office 365 intranet allows your departments to publish information that is useful to the whole business, while simultaneously keeping their day to day working information separate in their own collaborative environment. This reduces clutter, makes it easier for your employees to find what they are looking for, and boosts collaboration across your organisation.

Your intranet is as unique as your business, and needs to satisfy your business requirements: if your intranet doesn’t make people’s lives easier, they won’t use it, and you may as well have thrown your money away.

That’s why we apply our many years of experience to building corporate intranets for our clients that are intuitive, useful, and easy to manage without specialist technical skills.

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We make sure you get it right the first time.

We carefully plan information architecture to deliver intranets that are scalable, sustainable, and enthusiastically adopted.

Key Features of a SharePoint Intranet

Corporate Communication

  • Company news using dynamic and eye catching SharePoint news sliders
  • Aggregated company events and key dates
  • Tailored announcements by localised office, role, or department
  • Department news and blogs
  • Integration of social feeds including Yammer, Twitter and industry news
  • Clear SharePoint navigation to departments, forms and frequently accessed content

Team Collaboration

  • Real time collaboration on Office 365 documents for up to 99 people
  • Team availability visibility via Skype for Business
  • Real time saving of Cloud edited documents in SharePoint
  • Version Control – Control who sees your published and draft content
  • People based content search via Delve – See who’s working on what
  • Mobile integration via Delve, SharePoint and OneDrive apps

Increased Productivity

  • Business process automation with full API driven workflows
  • Video portal for quick self help training videos
  • Self service online form completion – No more searching for the correct expenses forms
  • Search leveraging – Displaying relevant content where it is needed, regardless of its location
  • Personalised content – Removing the clutter from view without changing permissions
  • Centralised information hub – Bringing together key types of content in search hubs
  • Easy content management – Dynamic updates using managed SharePoint list content
  • Project dashboards with RAG indicators for quick overview of project status

Document Management

  • Managed version control with major/minor and published/draft version visibility
  • Office document tagging from SharePoint document library attributes
  • Auto tagging with metadata for findability
  • Fully managed retention policy by document type
  • Data loss prevention to prevent sensitive data being sent outside of the company
  • Rights management for full control of document use/visibility/printability
  • Fully “Confidential/Sensitive” classification compliant

Business Integration

  • Surface data from line of business applications
  • Integrate cloud solutions with API development
  • Use Azure to connect and display business data
  • Flow/Logicapps development for Azure deployment
  • Powerapps for bespoke and fully integrated SharePoint list update
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design to integrate your corporate style

Managing Feature Rollout

  • Governance and best practice guidance on feature usage
  • Support and advice on which features to use when
  • User story based adoption of new Office 365 Groups/Microsoft Teams
  • ‘SharePoint Team Site vs Office 365 Group’ guidance
  • Full SharePoint support services for ongoing governance advice and development

Our Approach

  1. Discover
    We partner with you to establish your key requirements and understand your business goals to make sure you get the most out of your SharePoint corporate intranet.
  2. Consult
    We use your requirements to deliver honest advice and develop a SharePoint deployment project plan. We’ll deliver an intranet that will scale with your business, satisfy your requirements, support your goals, and that your employees will really engage with.
  3. Engage
    We engage with stakeholders across your organisation to gain user buy-in and make sure that the business benefits of your intranet will be felt across the whole company.
  4. Deliver
    We focus on getting your intranet up and running as soon as possible to start delivering business value fast. We then deliver comprehensive Office 365 and SharePoint user training, as standard
  5. Innovate
    We maintain an ongoing partnership with all our clients to monitor adoption, and identify areas for innovation, development, or training.

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